About Us

About Us

About Us

GamerSafer's vision is to scale online safety, positive and fair play experiences to millions of players worldwide. We offer multiplayer games, Esports platforms and online communities such as Discord, safety and security solutions to protect players’ accounts and experiences.

We develop software and bot solutions that contemplates the needs of these groups and work under the following principles to achieve this mission:


Our Story

GamerSafer was founded by a former executive from the gaming industry and a social impact entrepreneur. The co-founders combine over thirty years of experience in business leadership, product development, and B2B sales. They are also gamers and parents of gamers.

The number of players, social interactions, and time played will keep rising, and we identified the need to create a scalable and prevention-driven technology to protect players and platforms. Our goal is to help our customers and partners deliver the best experiences possible for their players and communities. Safety and security measures are the foundations of this promise, and a rockstar team of security experts, community managers, developers and gaming pros joined them along the journey to make that happen.

When designing our technology, we asked ourselves, “How can we stop negative and harmful interactions from happening in the first place?” This is the origin of our innovation. Based on that, we are helping online games to build spaces that encourage players to experience new things and connect with each other.

Success for us means serving online platforms like Discord and other games to safeguard millions of players of all genders, geographies, ethnicities, ages, and so on.

For more information, please visit https://gamersafer.com

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