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Loading / Error running command

When running commands, you may see this prompt:


This means the command is loading. If the command stays on this prompt for an extended period of time, try running the command again. If this issue repeats, please contact GamerSafer for support. Additionally, the following may display while running a command:


If this occurs you should also contact GamerSafer for support. You can join our Support Discord at

Account doesn’t match with the server rules

If the user does not meet the strictness settings configured for the Discord server when using the /Verify command, the GS Defender Discord bot will instead respond as below:


They may also receive a prompt on their GamerSafer app relaying this information. If this occurs and is unintended, you should revisit your strictness settings within the GS Defender bot’s config commands. We recommend the Moderate confidence be used within the strictness settings for the vast majority of use cases.

API Key could not be validated

When setting an API key with the /Config Set Advanced command, If your API Key is invalid, you will get the following response:


This may be because you have inputted the key incorrectly or because the API Key is invalid. If your API Key is invalid & you’ve confirmed you inputted it accurately, please contact GamerSafer for support.

If commands ever fail to execute, you may not have set your GamerSafer API key or your GamerSafer API key may have been invalidated. If you cannot successfully set your API key, please contact GamerSafer for support.

Slash Commands

For further information about Slash commands on Discord, please read this article:

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