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The Logging System allows you to configure channels to receive logs of actions and changes in your server. This feature provides a comprehensive way to monitor and review various activities, ensuring a secure and well-managed community.
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Why use Logging System?
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1. Set Up Channels

Configure the general settings for the logging system to ensure it operates according to your server's needs. Log types are sorted into categories, which you can expand by clicking on the category name or the arrow next to it.

You have two options for configuring the logs:

  • Category-Wide Logging: Assign a channel for an entire category by selecting it for the category. All logs within that category will be sent to the specified channel.
  • Specific Subcategory Logging: Assign specific channels for internal subcategories. For example, within the "Moderation" category of GS Defender, you can send all logs to a channel called "mod-logs." However, you can choose to send logs from the "Ban" subcategory within "Moderation" to a channel called "ban-logs." This ensures that only ban-related logs will go to "ban-logs," while all other moderation logs will be sent to "mod-logs."

Additionally, you have the following configuration options:

  1. Add Channel for All Logs:
    • Select a single channel to receive all logs if you prefer to centralize logging.
  2. Remove All Selected Channels:
    • Quickly remove all previously configured log channels.
  3. Exception Configuration:
    • Set up channels, roles, or users to be ignored by the logging system.

2. Logging Categories

You can configure logging for various categories such as Verification, Moderation, Anti-nuke, Messages, Members, etc. Each category can be set to log specific actions or the entire category's actions into a designated channel.

  1. Verification: This log pertains to the functionality of GS Defender.
    • Staff Verification: Logs actions related to the verification of staff members.
    • Member Verification: Logs actions related to the verification of regular members.
  2. Moderation: This log pertains to the functionality of GS Defender.
    • Logs actions such as bans, mutes, kicks, notes and warnings.
  3. Anti-nuke: This log pertains to the functionality of GS Defender.
    • Logs actions related to the anti-nuke system, including quarantine and punishments.
  4. Denuke: This log pertains to the functionality of GS Defender.
    • Logs actions related to the denuke feature.
  5. Messages:
    • Logs message deletions, edits, and other message-related actions.
  6. Members:
    • Logs member join, leave, and role changes.
  7. Voice Channels:
    • Logs actions related to voice channels: join, leave and move.
  8. Invites:
    • Logs invite creations, updates and deletions.
  9. Roles:
    • Logs role creations, deletions, and updates.
  10. Emojis:
    • Logs emoji additions, deletions, and updates.
  11. Stickers:
    • Logs sticker additions, deletions, and updates.
  12. Soundboard:
    • Logs sound additions, deletions and updates.
  13. Guild:
    • Logs kick, prune, ban, remove ban, add bot/app, update command permission (bot/app) and update server.
  14. Channels:
    • Logs channel creations, deletions, edits and permissions.
  15. Threads:
    • Logs topic creations, deletions and updates.
  16. Events:
    • Logs event creations, deletions and updates.
  17. Stages:
    • Logs stage channel creations, deletions and updates.
  18. Polls:
    • Logs polls creations, deletions, updates and votes.
  19. Discord Auto Moderation:
    • Logs actions related to Discord's auto-moderation settings.
  20. Onboarding:
    • Logs actions related to the onboarding process.
  21. Webhooks:
    • Logs webhook creations, deletions, and edits.
  22. Integrations:
    • Logs integration creations, deletions, and edits.

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